OT but the local ABC station in D/FW has the same annoying on-screen graphics. It must take up 25% of the screen area. And then they'll show a story where the "action" happens low in the frame, and their stupid text is blocking the puppy being pulled from the well or whatever. » 12/17/14 10:51am Yesterday 10:51am

Yes, by all means, I'm going to buy a new phone. Let's see, that'll be $175 early termination fee (prorated, halfway thru my contract). And then the new phone: what, $200 at least? Oh, and plus a couple of spare battery packs, let's be generous and say $25 each. I'm at $425 to avoid spending $15 on an external battery… » 12/17/14 9:49am Yesterday 9:49am

I can't help but believe that if NASA wanted to try this, they would launch a whole series of rockets with no payload, until they work out the "land on a barge" process, rather than add the landing tests on as secondary objectives to existing missions. » 12/17/14 9:40am Yesterday 9:40am

I don't get the part about detergent, because I seem to remember CR doing a piece a couple years ago about how we don't need to use nearly as much detergent as most of us use, and brand doesn't matter that much. So which is it... » 12/16/14 7:12am Tuesday 7:12am

I wonder if this would be a way to quickly turn the fan on or off, rather than turn, click, turn, click etc. "Ok google, turn the fan on for 2 hours" would be great, since Nest doesn't seem to want to make it easy to use a feature that used to be controlled by a simple, externally accessible, hardware switch. » 12/15/14 3:21pm Monday 3:21pm

Better to shut power to the entire place and use a cordless saw. I've only owned two houses, and lived in another one my Mom owned, but I've seen enough hidden splices to know you can NEVER know what's inside that wall without opening it up. » 12/10/14 1:14pm 12/10/14 1:14pm

I dislike this terminology. "Best friend" is someone you can talk to about anything. "Work friend," by the nature of most workplaces, cannot be this. I learned this the hard way, when I was young and idealistic. Now that I'm old and jaded, I know better. » 12/10/14 11:30am 12/10/14 11:30am